Head Chef Anthony Bantoft

The chef can be the most challenging and demanding position onboard.
If the food isn’t good, everyone suffers the repercussions.
My career as a chef is to keep morale high and to ensure the happiness, quality and standards are met at all times, not only for my employer and clientele but also my crew.
It’s exhilaration, challenging and rewarding.

About Me

Hi, my name is Anthony Bantoft,

I was born in Sydney Australia, grew up with a country background, and ended up on the Barrier reef for the remainder of my teen years.

My passion for cooking started when I was young in the great company of my grandmother.

Once I left school, I chose not to be a veterinarian but to be a chef. Since the beginning of my career, I was always a little skeptical of the trade, having worked with some of the most temperamental and impatient chefs. In turn, I promised myself that I would be different, only happy to share my knowledge and creativity with others willing to learn. To get excited under pressure and always have an enjoyable working environment.

I continued to strive hard as an apprentice and as my dedication, knowledge, and creativity grew it has made me the chef I am today.

During my career in Australia, I achieved second place in the state of Queensland for an excellent tourism award, achieved distinctions in numerous competitions as a junior chef, and placed in the category of the best restaurant in New South Wales and in Queensland.

I have been lucky to work with some great Chef’s that have had the same passion as I have. After progressing up the culinary ladder rapidly and opening numerous businesses, I then decided to take my career one step further and start working my way around the globe. Doing this has helped me learn about and create dishes from countries around the world, that I would never have imagined possible let alone knew existed.

Since joining the Superyacht community my confidence grew tremendously. I am so grateful to have had amazing employers and crew that have always believed in me and persuaded me to enter competitions to exploit my personality and flair. Such contests being in the Virgin Islands, winning two first places and one second, placing best overall. Concours De Chef contest in the Antigua yacht show, placing second and third, all competing against some of the industry’s best.

My portfolio continues to grow as does my love of food and my patrons that I have had the pleasure of sharing my passion.

Welcome, and enjoy.

Bon Appétit


Special Occasions

When that time in your life needs to be unforgettable, I am here to put the icing on the cake.

Guest Chef

For every appearance that needs that smile that extra spark and personality, Anthony is that one. His extroverted self will keep the audience entertained for weeks on end.

Freelance Chef

For any of those charter clients, you wish to impress and have nothing but the best from food to service. I am able to travel and attend to your needs.

Private Dinner Parties

Have Anthony attend your next event, leaving your guests with the taste in their mouths until the next occasion.


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