“I love the way food works, it about putting your soul into it and making people happy”

At 41 years of life, 20 years of them at sea, 3 passports later, and 88 countries covered, this Career of mine has taught me Life, Art, and Expression, It’s fast-paced, exuberant, exotic, and challenging.

Traveling for work all these years and not knowing where I will travel to for my next assignment is exciting. The ingredients you are yet to experience and the dishes you are yet to create give me the inspiration, passion, and knowledge that keeps me in the game today and for this I am grateful. I would love to share my versatility, experience, and talent with you all, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

With my mother and father’s side being so diverse, I got to experience the best of both world’s city and country. I learned how to cook from the best, my grandmother, always cook with love, always use fresh and most of all have fun.

Food is my life and my passion. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t create something new, food to me is innovative, vibrant, and exotic. Every day starts with a challenge and always ends with a smile. Cooking is an adventure that takes you to that place just with one bite.